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Atlanta based sweet-shop boutique, to cure all your sweet cravings.

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Lexx Janelle's
Tasty Sweets

Lexx Janelle’s Tasty Sweets, originally Sweet Berries by Lexx, is a local dessert shop founded and operated by Alexeia Garnett in Atlanta, Georgia. When the cottage-based bakery shop opened for business in January of 2020 in Athens, GA, the only menu item was chocolate-covered strawberries. However, Alexeia soon realized that there was a greater need for desserts that look amazing, but taste amazing too. After educating herself on the art of being a pastry chef, she was able to expand her menu to include beautiful cakes, cupcakes, fondant cookies, brownies, caramel apples, and many more tasty sweets that are designed to elevate any event. Lexx Janelle's Tasty Sweets is now operated as LJ's Sweet Shoppe out of commercial kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. Let LJ's Sweet Shoppe sweeten up your event today! 

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